The COLLEGE MOM is a group of College Mom’s who have come together to support, unite, empower other mom’s achieving the same common goal for their student-athletes. Our sole mission is to network with prospective college mom’s, as well as active THE COLLEGE MOM within our community and across the United States in an effort to enhance their experience as they live out their youth, high school or college process. 


THE COLLEGE MOM was established by three mother’s who met early on during their son’s youth Football journey almost 9 years ago. The idea of this collaboration came about after years of discussing topics dealing with un-ending practices, try-outs, training sessions, meal preps, mental coaching, scrutiny, changes in coaching staff, injury, recovery, game-day losses/victories; and most importantly making sure they remained Student-Athletes. The aspiration of THE COLLEGE MOM is to build a federation of college-mom’s through a network that encompass open discussions, and effective change to support the success of the Athlete at hand. 


50 Advocating on our issues to change hearts and minds 

40 Positioning our members as thoughtful leaders and experts 

30 Building our membership by recruiting and serving members of our            organization 

20 Supporting event fundraising (Networking events) 

10 Supporting members with up to date information while maintaining insightful resources that empower our members.