NFL DRAFT DAY! The moment in time when a Player realizes his dreams are becoming realities. The work does not stop here, it actually starts over. Welcome to the professional world in which every man must execute his PLAN OF ACTION to be great and legendary. How does someone one make it to the NFL? It’s simple, recognizing that talent and attitude joint together makes the PROFESSIONAL PLAYER. Commonly, the ultimate goal is to make it to the big league. Therefore, performance on and off the field sets the tone for the best opportunities to make it BIG IN LIFE. 

What’s the PLAN? PLAN A.... Attitude ✓ is everything. This can make you or break you. Your attitude will take you further than your talents. Look at it as a marketing tool that tells the world who you are, your first impression. 

Work Ethics ✓ are everything. The way you represent yourself in the classroom and on the field tells it all. Going the extra mile, doing one more set, showing up early, staying late, and being honest develops mental endurance and physical drive to reach goals. Work to be better than good.... Be Great! 

Self Worth ✓ is everything. Learning more about yourself is priceless. Tuning into yourself develops skills and understanding of how Nutrition, Training, Resting, Mediating, Sharing, Planning, Praying, Giving, and Acting all play major roles for sustaining greatness in life. 

The dream to play in the NFL is a common goal, however, the journey is different for every player. Hey, MOMS... let’s continue to instill these great qualities in our sons’ with our families to help them reach their goals. No matter how many hills to climb, rivers to cross, or hurdles to jump always remember PLAN B is to stick to PLAN A! LET’S GOOO!

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