It’s more to life than just looking physically fit. How do you look on paper? What are your numbers telling you? Knowing your numbers provide balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Health evaluations matter when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Here are some important numbers to understand that will help make conscious decisions for improving the quality of life. These are values that represent normal to average ranges. Hold yourself accountable to know what your numbers are telling you during routine check ups. 

Heart Rate (HR) 60 to 100 bpm

Blood Pressure < 120/80 mmHg

Total Cholesterol < 200 mg/dL

Glucose < 140 mg/dL

Daily Water Intake Men 3.7 L Women 2.7 L

Daily Fruits & Vegetables 12 to 17 servings

Weekly Exercise 3 to 5 days 

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